Read our full submission to the government on Lake Eyre Basin protection

Submissions to the long-awaited public consultation closed on 24 August. More than 20,000 people sent submissions to the government calling for the strongest possible protections for the Channel Country’s precious rivers and floodplains.

The Western Rivers Alliance made a detailed submission, presenting the evidence and values that show a clear mandate for the government to stop any new oil and gas expansion in the world’s last great desert river systems. Traditional Owners, graziers, scientists, and local communities are united for a bright future in western Queensland.

Now, we must make sure the government listens to this expertise and makes the right choice.

The Department of Environment and Science is currently processing all of the submissions received on the regulation options offered up for consultation. They will then present their findings and recommendations to the Queensland government cabinet. This means that every government minister has a say in the final decision. That’s why it’s so important that we keep making sure that the voices of the Channel Country are heard.

You can read our full submission in detail below: