Last chance to stand with the Channel Country – submissions close today!

My name is Riley Rocco, and for years I’ve stood shoulder to shoulder with local community members in the fight to protect what we all love – the incredible Channel Country within the Lake Eyre Basin.

One memory that never fails to inspire me is the breathtaking transformation that occurs in the Channel Country when the floodwaters arrive. Amongst the red sandhills the floodplains explode with life, lush green pastures and a tapestry of colourful wildflowers. This once arid land is now teeming with birds and wildlife who have come to feast on the bounty.

It has been a privilege to witness one of the world’s most spectacular natural events, and yet it is having the opportunity to know the people of the Channel Country that I am most grateful for. I am continually inspired by the deep love and respect for this river system shared by its Traditional Owners, Channel Country graziers and local community members and their passion in fighting to see it protected for all of us.

The Queensland Government’s consultation on protecting the rivers and floodplains of the Channel Country is closing TODAY. This is our moment, our last opportunity to make our voices resonate in the halls of power. The Channel Country floodplains are no place for gas fields.

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Your voice can make a difference. Please, take a few minutes to write a message to the Queensland Government. Share your love for the Channel Country, your worries, your hopes, and your dreams for a land protected from the encroachments of oil and gas.

The time to act is now. Submissions close 5pm today.

Thank you for standing with us. Together, we can win this fight and ensure that the Channel Country receives the protections it so richly deserves.

For the rivers and floodplains,
Riley Rocco