History of the fight to protect the Channel Country


Graziers, conservationists, and scientists unite to reject plans for new cotton development in the free-flowing Cooper Creek catchment


Australian Floodplain Association supports creation of Western Rivers Alliance


Amendments to Wild Rivers Act passed to incorporate Lake Eyre Basin rivers


Newman LNP Government repeals Wild Rivers Act


Palaszczuk makes pre-election Labor commitment to reinstate protections for Channel Country


Palaszczuk re-affirms election commitment to protect Channel Country 


The Lake Eyre Basin Traditional Owners’ Alliance – including representatives of 13 Traditional Owner groups from across the Lake Eyre Basin – is formed


Independent scientific panel commissioned by the Queensland government recommends a ban on fracking in the environmentally sensitive Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre basin 


Pegasus economic review finds expansion of fracking in the Lake Eyre basin would be high cost, and high emissions unconventional gas could rapidly create stranded assets 

June 2023

Origin Energy surrender of 10 of 11 production leases held in the area, amid concerns about the impact of potential fracking plans on its unique waterways and floodplains

June 2023

Queensland Government announces public consultation on protection methods for Channel Country region

August 2023

22,000 public submissions to Government consultation call for full protection

December 2023

Premier Steven Miles announced the Queensland Government’s decision to ban future oil and gas mining on the rivers and floodplains.